When Should I Use an Ionic Breeze Air Purifier? 6 Necessary Situations

When Should I Use an Ionic Breeze Air Purifier

When Should I Use an Ionic Breeze Air Purifier? 6 Necessary Situations

Life throws us so many surprises, sometimes it is hard to keep up. Some days, household chores go undone, and cleaning seems to go by the wayside. This combination leads to indoor air quality below many of our standards, even if we don’t notice it on a daily basis. An ionic breeze air purifier can help remedy that.

Why an ionic breeze air purifier?

When dust, mold, pollen, pet dander and other allergens and pollutants build up in the air, you may start to notice a musty, stale smell or feeling lingering in the air. An ionic breeze air purifier emits electrically charged molecules—referred to as ions—into the air, which attach to harmful particles. Once enough particles have attached to one another, they become too heavy to float in the air and settle to the ground.

Once these particles are removed from the air, you and your family can rest easy knowing you are not breathing them in.

When should I use one?

Here are just a few of the circumstances when an ionic breeze air purifier will be essential to creating a clean, fresh-smelling home.

1. Allergy Season Hits
Remember all those terrible pollutants floating around the air in your home? Mold, dust, dander—they are all culprits that exacerbate respiratory issues. An air purifier can zap these bothersome particles and render them defenseless so you and your family can breathe easy in your home.

2. It’s Spring Cleaning Season
You mop, you scrub, and you dust. You clean until you simply cannot clean any more. Every inch of your home is sparkling, but the air still smells, well, dirty. Now what? Employ the help of an ionic breeze air purifier! Through its specialized process, a purifier can remove toxins and redistribute the fresh smell of clean oxygen in any home.

3. Your Home Smells Like an Ashtray
Unfortunately, cigarette and cigar fumes are some of the toughest to get rid of, especially if you smoke in a confined space within your home. When you place an ionic breeze air purifier in your favorite smoking spot over night, it will help remove the pesky pollutants that linger, rendering your space fresh for another day.

4. You Welcome a New (Furry) Family Member
Few things in life offer as much joy as a new puppy or kitten. But few things in life bring the hair and stench along with them, either. Pet hair, dander and training accidents all lead to one thing: a stuffy, stinky must in your home. Settle and remove these irritants with the help of an air purifier, so the only thing you think of when you see your pet is how cute they truly are.

5. Your Son Turns into a Teenager
Moms know: there is a distinct shift in smell when your sweet boy starts turning into a man. Puberty, laundry and sports gear mean one thing: smelly bedrooms. While your beloved son heads off to basketball camp, use an ionic breeze air purifier to remove unpleasant scents. While he may not even notice the difference, you and the rest of your family definitely will.

6. You Want a Fresh-Smelling Home
Do you really need an occasion to want a fresh, clean-smelling home? Of course not! Remove the pollutants of everyday life with an air freshener. Your family will thank you!

Please note, ionic breeze air purifiers produce a small amount of ozone while in operation. That is why they are sometimes called ion generators or ozone generators. This may be irritating to lungs, especially in those with respiratory conditions. Always use air purifiers according to manufacturer directions.
Ready to create a spring-clean home all-year-round? Get your ionic breeze air purifier today.