Smoke Air Purifiers Clean the House of Cigarette Odors

smoke ionizer air purifier

Smoke Air Purifiers Clean the House of Cigarette Odors

Smoking is bad for everybody’s health. Cigarettes, as we know, have loads of chemicals in them. Purify your rooms at home and in the office space from cigarette smoke. Smoke air purifiers ionize with ozone and eliminate the cigarette smoke with HEPA filters to keep the smoke particles from spreading through the air. These also prevent the smoke from sticking to walls and furniture. These purifiers and filters also remove the tar already present on these surfaces. First and secondhand cigarette smoke has been proven to cause cancer, throat, mouth, lung and heart diseases. Cigarettes deprive the body of oxygen. The deprivation of oxygen can cause strokes, trigger heart attacks, asthma attacks and nausea with headaches. Health issues caused by smoking and the bad odor it leaves are enough to keep guests from entering your home. You can get rid of smoke and the bad odors caused by this with smoke ionizer air purifiers.

Smoke Ionizer Air Purifier

Smoke Air Purifiers use Ozone, producing capacity that not only purifies the odor, it also eliminates the disease-causing smoke on a molecular level. Ozone producing air purifiers remove the smoke and odors by destroying the molecules, bacteria and spores included. Ozone or O3 is made up of highly reactive molecules that quickly attach and react chemically to particles or molecules such as gases from cigarette smoke. The extra atom in Ozone changes the molecular structure of fragmented particles to create non-offensive molecules eliminating the smell. Cigarette smoke contains tar that clings to walls and furniture. Cigarette smoke odor lingers in the room because of the tar clinging to the walls and furniture. The Ozone molecules eliminate even the tar stuck on walls, furniture, and other surfaces. A smoke ionizer air purifier clears and cleans the air as well as surfaces from the smoke and tar at the molecular level.

HEPA air filters were first used in the Manhattan project to keep radioactive particles from contaminating research labs. In the 1960’s two German brothers commercially produced the filters. Smoke Ionizer Air Purifier use HEPA filters to efficiently filter out the smoke particles particularly tar particles, trapping these into the filters and letting clean air circulate out. HEPA or High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters are made from glass fibers. The fibers are large enough to let the harmful pollutants and odor causing particles into the filters. Then these attach to the filters through the principle of adhesion and strong airflow. This keeps the pollutants in and lets fresh and clean air out. The combination of Ozone and HEPA filters eliminates pollutants caused by cigarette smoking and traps the particles in the filters. The powerful air filtration system in HEPA filters traps other pollutants as well.

Small Size Smoke Air Purifiers

Of the many ways to remove smoke, smoke air purifiers are still the most efficient and effective. This can quickly remove smoke and other smells from the air of your living room, bathroom, bedroom or kitchen. The smoke ionizer air purifier is portable. Even in your car, ionizers do wonders at keeping you healthy especially during long drives. The ionizer works very silently. It is compact in size, smaller than a shoe box for a 3000 square foot room. It blends in with your furniture. The existing style and designs in your rooms are not sacrificed by the presence of an air purifier. Smoke ionizer air purifiers are portable yet powerful enough to clean any room of the house, or cars, vans, and mobile homes. After using smoke ionizer purifiers, your rooms and car will smell like fresh.

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