Car Air Purifier Ionizer

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car air purfier ionizer

Car Air Purifier Ionizer

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Do you drive around with the windows up on you vehicle? A car air purifier ionizer kills odor causing bacteria and removes smoke, pet dander and other allergens from the air. You could be exposed to higher levels of air pollution inside a vehicle than those cycling or walking outside. Harmful traffic pollution enters into your vehicle which provides little protection to you and your passengers. A car air purifier can reduce the higher levels of air pollution inside your vehicles that you may be exposed to. Car air purifiers help reduce the health risks faced by drivers and their passengers.

“The public health message is, you can’t hide from air pollution inside a car. Many people think that if you cycle or walk you are exposed to more air pollution, but levels are significantly lower at the side of a road than in traffic” – Dr Ben Barratt

Health risks faced by professionals who earn a living driving should pay especially important attention to the impacts air pollution has on their daily health. Those who spend may hours in the drivers seat on a daily basis could benefit from a car air purifier.

Air pollution from traffic while waiting at a red light with the engine running can expose drivers and passengers to dangerously high levels of air pollution. Thousands of death each year cost the economy billions. Clean up your air and tackle one of the greatest public health challenges.

“Research shows that vehicle interiors contain a unique cocktail of hundreds of toxic chemicals that off-gas in small, confined spaces,” says Jeff Gearhart of the Ecology Center, a Michigan-based non-profit. The extreme air temperatures inside cars on sunny days can increase the concentration of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and break other chemicals down into more toxic constituents. Some of the worst offenders include airborne bromine, chlorine, lead and other heavy metals. “Since these chemicals are not regulated, consumers have no way of knowing the dangers they face,” adds Gearhart.

Ideal for any car, SUV or RV. Standard 12 volt outlet. Fully adjustable mounting. Turn it on and off with just the press of a switch.

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