Ionizer Air Purifier

An Ionizer Air Purifier is a machine that generates negative ions in order to give air molecules a negative electrical charge; these negatively charged molecules bind to particles in the air, such as animal dander, cigarette smoke ashes, dust particles, bacteria, and viruses, and cause them to adhere a filter inside the Fresh Air Ionizer. In the case of ionizers that do not have a filter, the odor-causing and disease-causing particles attach themselves to negatively charged metal plates inside the Air Cleaner Ionizer. The metal plates or filters in the device must be replaced periodically in order to ensure the continued effectiveness of the Fresh Air Ionizer. Ionizer Air Purifier devices are effective at reducing unpleasant odors, allergens, and airborne infectious diseases in indoor spaces. A main difference between an Air Cleaner Ionizer that uses negatively charged metal plates and one that uses HEPA filters is that the devices with the metal plates release considerably more ozone into the air. While ozone helps to destroy pathogens from the air, you will want to use an ozone-generating air ionizer in indoor areas that are well-ventilated so that the amount of ozone in the air does not exceed levels considered safe for humans and domestic animals.